Below is a general guidline for computer service.  Not sure what your particular problem falls under?  No problem, give is a call and we will let you know what to expect. 


Minimum Fee

All computers that are looked at by a technician, are subject to a minimum service fee.  This covers time and accurate diagnosis.



PC Part Installation

Standard fee for installing common components. Parts covered are RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, Power Supply, Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Network Card or Modem.


additional components are discounted

Microsoft Windows Install

A fresh install of Microsoft Windows with drivers, service packs, updates   and antivirus.


add $10 per additional user

Microsoft Windows Install w/Data backup

A fresh install of Microsoft Windows with drivers, service packs,   updates and antivirus PLUS backup/restore of your personal data.


add $10 per additional user

Software Installation

Install and configure provided or purchased software.



Priority Service

We generally service computers in turn. Priority Service moves your computer to the front of the queue.  This is especially preferred for our business clients.


+ regular service fee. Non-refundable

Notebook/Laptop Teardown

If your notebook or laptop has a fault inside, this fee is standard for disassembly and reassembly.  Very time intensive.


+ cost of parts

New Computer/Laptop Setup – Generally only required with Brand-name laptops and desktops.

Setup and perform “out of the box” functions. Tweak and configure for best   performance. Removal of crapware and trial software. Installation of Antivirus and Office software.  Make and provide recovery media.



Data Transfer/Backup

Transfer vital data to another computer or media.  Typically includes the following Windows libraries: Documents, Pictures, Music & Videos, as well as Favorites and E-mail.


+ cost of media. Add $10 per profile

Successful Virus/Malware Removal

Successfully remove virus and malware from computer. *Note: We cannot   be responsible for permanent file/software damage resulting from   Virus/Malware.


+ possible other services

System Pickup and Drop Off (Woodstock Only)

We will pick up and return your computer to you. Does not include training or other work.



Circuit/Board Level Repair

Direct repair to circuit boards or electronics.



Data Recovery

Recover data from an accidentally erased or failing device.



On-site (Service Call)

A technician will be happy to come to your home for a small fee, plus hourly labour. Billed in increments of 30 minutes.


+ hourly rate, minimum one-half hour

I.T. Services

Repairs, service and tasks in regards to computer networks and/or   servers.



Unspecified Task (Hourly Bench Rate)

For tasks or services that are not covered under one of the above set   rates.



All posted fees are for labour only and do not include the costs of parts, taxes or OEEE fees.